Integrated Learning Innovations Science learning solutions for a Technology world.
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i Learning i homeservicesapproachcase studiesresourcesabout us mainthe foundersrecognitioneducationfundingFAQscontact usiLearningi Blog Our guiding principles have been developed from our experiences with science education and training program success.

We believe that itís important to:

  • Employ a scientific research approach
  • Establish achievable goals
  • Demand tangible outcomes
  • Be willing to risk failure
  • Keep one eye on the future
  • Collaborate when possible
  • Explore alternatives and options
  • Be self-critical and reflect
  • Tailor technology to meet goals
  • Innovate and be entrepreneurial

We also believe that:

  • We are all learners
  • Accountability is the new rule of the game
  • Good programs get funded
  • Commitment is the foundation for success
We are determined to bring these principles to every project with the belief that they will help our customers create successful programs.