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i Learning i homeservicesapproachcase studiesresourcesabout us mainthe foundersrecognitionguiding principlesfundingFAQscontact usiLearningi Blog Our programs have focused on the need to build education and training bridges between and among individuals, organizations, and disciplines. By doing proof of concept and demonstration projects we have received funding to research how collaborations can effect change via integrated, complementary initiatives in science education and training.

Examples include:

  • Partnership for Minority Advancement in the Biomolecular Sciences:  Demonstrated how minority and research universities can collaborate to increase diversity in science careers.

  • DESTINY Traveling Science Lab Program:  Revealed the importance of on-site visual and experiential learning to effecting secondary science education reform.

  • Instructional Multimedia:  Demonstrated a future for curriculum design needed to rekindle student interest, ensure equity of access to quality learning, and reduce education cost.

  • Change Agency:  Revealed how business practices involving change, diffusion of innovation, and marketing can contemporize science departments despite faculty and resource limitations.

  • Tailored Technology:  Demonstrated that technology innovations in classrooms and via videoteleconferencing can and must meet, rather than dictate, education goals.

  • Scientist Training:  Presented to the scientific community new ways to train tomorrow’s scientists, making them both excellent researchers and educators, as well as agents for change.

iLearningi is committed to sharing Skip and Caroline’s experiences, and those of our associates, to help clients create programs that will achieve the goals for our profession we all share.