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i Learning i homeservicescase studiesresourcesabout usFAQscontact usiLearningi Blog iLearningI’s key to creating innovative solutions for education and learning challenges is based on our education ecosystem approach.

As with biological ecosystems, the integrity of an education ecosystem depends upon the quality of its inhabitant’s interactions with each other and their physical environment. If interactions become “stressed”, the ecosystem’s output, e.g. well-educated students, becomes compromised.

Therefore, we help customers characterize their ecosystem in relation to education objective(s) and use the collected data to create programs that restore and help evolve their ecosystem.

This approach is applicable to virtually any setting, yielding findings that logically reveal what programs to develop and implementation sequences for their components. Ongoing assessment of “sentinel” markers for ecosystem prosperity guides its recovery and evolution.

For the story of how iLearningi developed the ecosystem approach, and an education example of how it works, click here.